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Laura’s Playing Style

Those already familiar with traditional music may be wondering about Laura’s own playing style. Growing up in West Cork, Laura enjoys playing slides and polkas and has a special place in her heart for Sliabh Luachra music. However, the Clare style is very different and to say that Clare players do not appreciate the slide and polka forms can sometimes be putting it mildly! More simply put, they rarely play those types of tunes. Understanding lift and drive in the different styles of reel playing in Clare (or indeed universally) is a process which Laura has been absorbed in for several years now. Her realisations are invaluable in advising others on ways to achieve the emphasis/sound they are aiming for. The skills needed to put these realisations into words have also enabled Laura to better communicate the style of the tunes she grew up with, making her a more rounded teacher. She plays in a fairly ornamented, smoothly-phrased style. She enjoys playing the various repertoires in the Clare sessions. She also enjoys playing some of the Sliabh Luachra tunes when she gets the chance. Her influences are too many to list, but they include John Coakley, Denis Murphy and Julia Clifford, Brian Rooney, Frankie Gavin and Tommy Peoples.