Teaching Style

With 25 years of playing and performing behind her, Laura is an experienced and conscientious teacher. She teaches at all levels from beginner to advanced, on both a weekly and one-off basis. She is as comfortable teaching adults as she is children. It is never too late to learn…in fact you never stop!

Laura learnt by ear and likes to teach using this method. Students bring a recording device (most mobile phones will do) to tape tunes and techniques. In some cases, a device is used to tape or video a student’s playing. In listening back, Laura can discuss style and possible ways to improve on sound and technique with the student. ABC and/or staff notation can be provided as learning aid. Laura also has a reasonably large music library – useful for listening to different tune versions, and the style and ornamentation of other players.

If you are used to learning from notation Laura is more than happy to teach from notes also! She will however encourage you to work on memorising the tune so that you’ll be able to enjoy playing in a session setting. It is, after all, an oral tradition.