'The Failure of Technology'. This image of me was captured recently by a student - I was teaching as the power went out! 45 minutes of storm and candles later and we were back on track

Christmas at Burren Fiddle Holidays

Hello from Burren Fiddle Holidays. December 1st marked ‘an end’ of sorts to the second Coronavirus lock-down in Ireland. This one was as strict as the very first back in March, but without the closure of the schools and universities. It’s been good that these have been able to stay open. The middle-ground restrictions-roll-out which we have moved to now seems so much more free again as we swing backwards and forwards between restriction levels. As we await the vaccine I think many of us in the effected industries will become strategists out of necessity as we try to plan for differing eventualites.

As a teacher I’ve been organising my first ever online Christmas fiddle recital. Interestingly this format would never have entered my mind previously as many of my students locally would have been able to meet in person. Now that we are all online, it seems a great way to connect all of us, regardless of which countries we live in; location is no longer a barrier. I’m really looking forward to it!

In familiarising myself with an online format which involves many people as opposed to my usual format of one-to-one teaching, I am opening a window to other opportunities for group music. I’m also planning to improve my video making skills and knowledge of sound recording. During a time when many things are in limbo, we need to branch out as well as sustain, or to branch out to sustain.

I hope everyone has a safe and musical Christmas.

See you all next year!